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San José Arts Advocates is a collaborative project driven by the San José creative community dedicated to education, advocacy, and action to support arts and culture.
June 7, 2020

Black Lives Matter

The horrific murder of George Floyd and countless other Black lives at the hands of police officers have left all of our communities agonizing in pain and grief. At San José Arts Advocates, it has been difficult to articulate the outrage and despair of this moment, yet we know that silence is not an option.

The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others are a shameful result of a long history of oppression of Black lives in this nation. Racism and white supremacy in the United States continues to empower the police brutality and systemic violence that has ravaged the Black community for centuries.

And while words are important, only through action can we step into the front lines to demand justice and allyship for the Black community.

San José Arts Advocates pledges solidarity for Black Lives by:

  • Standing in solidarity for Black lives not only when lives are lost but by integrating allyship into our core values along with an everyday recognition that their liberation is tied to that of all Communities of Color.
  • Educating ourselves and our communities on the history of oppression of the Black community and Communities of Color to build our collective cognitive empathy and understanding.
  • Listening to make sure that Black children, youth, families, partners, and those in our community are heard.
  • Fighting for Black lives, speaking out in unity, and committing ourselves to addressing the anti-Blackness in our own community.

Our pledge will be followed with action, promoting sustained allyship with organizations and other groups. It is time for us in the arts and cultural community to say “enough,” and we urge others to heed the urgency of this moment, to look within, and to explicitly proclaim that Black Lives Matter.

What Can I Do? 

Stand Up

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