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San José Arts Advocates is a collaborative project driven by the San José creative community dedicated to education, advocacy, and action to support arts and culture.
May 13, 2021

Community Budget Meetings Make your voice heard for the arts!

As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, San José Arts Advocates believes that a significant investment in our creative ecosystem will help rebuild our local economy and reactivate our city for residents, workers, and visitors. The City of San José budget process is an opportunity for advocates to speak up and let city leaders know that arts are essential to our recovery and resilience.

The City is hosting a series of community meetings to address the FY2021-22 budget and how to use funds from the American Rescue Plan. We encourage you to attend these meetings and make your voice heard! You can download this flyer or visit the City website for more information.

Not sure what to say? Download these talking points from SJAA — and add your personal story!

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